Welcome to ABC Friends Tasmania Inc

ABC Friends Tasmania is a community organisation which depends on the support of its members. ABC Friends Tasmania engages in a range of activities. These include informing the public and the media, presenting submissions to government reviews and inquiries, communicating with Members of Parliament, addressing public meetings, conducting rallies and publishing a newsletter.
The objective of the ABC Friends is to support the maintenance and advancement of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):

  • to fulfil to a high standard its role as an independent, comprehensive, national public broadcaster,
  • to be adequately funded by Government to fulfil its role,
  • to remain independent of government influence, commercial sponsorship and advertising, and
  • to promote Australian culture in all its diversity.

NOTE:  Our state website is currently being revised and updated – for all current ABC Friends News please visit the ABC Friends National Website at www.abcfriends.org.au